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60 Second Mac Podcast!

Apple accepted our 60 Second Mac podcast feed yesterday and now we’re rolling!

The idea of 60 Second Mac was to produce brief but useful instructional videos covering the Mac and other Apple products and related software. That way you can quickly learn one cool thing about your Apple products once a week. You may know a few of them, but probably won’t know all of them!

Please, when you get a chance, check some of them out on iTunes!

Subscribing, Liking, and commenting on them will help the show!

Combining PDF Documents

Screencast video on combining single page PDF files into a mulit-page PDF file on a Mac. Read More...

Mac Window Management Tip

Screencast on some of the Mac’s window management shortcuts to help you navigate around all your open windows. Read More...

Adding a Place to Mac Side Bar

How to screencast on adding a “Place” to the Mac’s Finder Window sidebar. Read More...

Print to PDF

Quick screencast of using the Mac’s Print to PDF feature. Read More...

Apple's AirPlay Demo

Here’s a quick YouTube screencast demo of Apple’s AirPlay feature in action. Read More...

Using RSS Feeds

Using RSS feeds.