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Using RSS Feeds

You see RSS links almost everywhere including on this page at the right. They are frequently seen on blog pages, news websites, corporate websites and if you’ve never used one you might want to give them a try.

For me the most useful RSS links are from news websites and corporate announcement pages. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (in one definition at least) When you subscribe to an RSS feed the protocol will send a notification to you when something on a website is added: maybe a new article on a news site or a press release from your company website.

To subscribe click an RSS link and you’ll get a summary page of the postings. If you bookmark that link, you will get a new message count in most browsers (like Safari’s News tab below). Some email programs including Mac Email will also allow you to subscribe to an RSS feed by entering this link.

Try clicking on the Whit’s RSS Link at the right then book marking the resulting page.
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