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Whit & Mac 28 years!

Okay, I had to get new pictures up. My wife said my original blog photo made me look like an angry mountain man. Hell, I thought I was smiling! The old picture can be found by clicking the new picture.

Here I am with my original 128K Macintosh users guide and my iPad2. It has been a great, great, journey--from watching someone demonstrate MacPaint for the first time to everyone taking tap, pinch, and swipe for granted.

Welcome to Whit’s Blog

Hi everybody, I’m Whit Johnson the founder and namesake of JCN.

My Mac Background
I’ve owed a Macintosh since 1984. I was a store manager then of a small computer store in Northern Michigan. We were an Apple dealer and Apple offered us a deal we couldn’t refuse. So I bought the 128k Mac and never looked back.

I thought I’d use this space to post some of the tips, tricks, recommendations, and general thoughts about using the Mac.

Also, I’ll throw in details of projects we are working on occasionally.